Washing Machine Descaler

Washing Machine Descaler

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NOW...There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds over the life of your machine on those hyped-up, expensive anti-scale washing additives!


Just an occasional use of safe, economical Quickshine WASHING-MACHINE DESCALER will gently remove limescale and old, caked-on detergent from pumps pipes and heating elements:

  • saving electricity,
  • speeding up the wash cycle,
  • prolonging the life of the element, 
  • and ensuring that your washing machine keeps working at it's best

The water soluble tab is safe to handle, completely NON-TOXIC
and unlike other products there are no messy chemicals or powders.


Just follow these simple instructions:

1) Place the Tab into the Drum of your washing machine
(Do not open the tab, it dissolves to release contents)

2) Select a hot main wash cycle (40°C-60°C). 
(Do not put laundry in the drum. Do not use a pre-wash programme)

3) That's it. Your washing machine is completely descaled and cleaned. It will heat up faster, work quicker, and leave clothes fresher. 

Pack contains 1 application 

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