Quickshine Pod-Care Gadget Spray

Quickshine Pod-Care Gadget Spray

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For Pods, Pads, Phones, PDA’s, Laptops and all touch-screen gadgets

For Pods, Pads, Phones, PDA’s, Laptops, E-readers,  Consoles, Mp3 Players and all touch-screen gadgets

  • Cleans and Shines plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Removes grimy marks and dirt.
  • Keeps touch-screens clear of smudges and fingerprints.
  • Leaves a high gloss finish
  • Takes only seconds to apply.
  • Antistatic, repels dust.
STATIC SHIELD - Neutralizes static, leavng an invisible shield which works like a force-field to actually repel dust and grime. Keeps the surface of your screen looking and feeling as fresh and shiny as the first time you took it from its box.

SAFE - QUICKSHINE Pod Care is safe to use on all gadgets, from pods, pads and phones, to laptops and HD and 3D screens.

NO STICKY RESIDUES  QUICKSHINE leaves no slimy sticky residues, Just a dry, immaculately clean surface.



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